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Thank Your Heroes America
This site is dedicated to THANKING YOUR AMERICAN HEROES who have shown their dedication, courage and self sacrifice; proving to the world that we can always rely on them at all times, and not just in times of crisis. Please help us recognize and THANK all the dedicated men and women who have been fighting the Covid 19 battle on the front lines in addition to attending their regular duties. Post your photos, videos and share your stories here at THANK YOUR HEROES AMERICA!

Thank Your Heroes America will tell your real-life stories about first responders in law enforcement, fire departments, medical services, search and rescue, and emergency management.

We will tell your narratives of innovators in industry that assist our heroes with safety features, location and health sensors, security, communications, and information sharing.

We know that no emergency is ‘typical’, ‘normal’, or ‘average’. And we certainly know that none of the people associated with first response are typical, normal, or average either. Paramedics, EMT’s, firefighters, police officers, rescuers, and military personnel (such as the Coast Guard and National Guard) are all very special people.

These are their stories as shared by you with the rest of the world. And the stories of non-professionals too, from good-Samaritans to the truly valorous. We look forward to hearing your stories thanking the many dedicated men and women whose courage and passion are present in our communities every day, and not just in times of crisis.

Thank You Medical Staff